BDI wear parts is dedicated to make longer life blow bars for impact crusher and help our customers to lower operation cost, we manufacture a range of blow bars to suite multiple brands of impact crushers. We have various types of materials for blow bars to work in different applications and conditions, to maximumly lower the crushing cost for customers. We can supply various kinds of materials as below: Manganese steel, Martensitic, Martensitic with ceramic inserts, chrome white iron, chrome with ceramics inserts. Especially for the blow bars with ceramic inserts, wear life is up to 100% increased.

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Cast in high-strength quench and tempered steel, BDI blow bars are three times the strength of carbon steel alone which makes our wear parts have better performance and durable. Depend on your material type, size of feeding, abrasion and foreign elements, choices of manganese steel, Titanium Carbide(Tic), and CRA Ceramic and high chromium white iron are also available to suit your application.

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Martensitic Steel/Ceramic

This blow bar consisting of hard ceramic particles on the wear surface in a martensitic steel matrix. This composite has the effect of combining the very hard surface of the ceramic with the useful mechanical properties of steel. These blow bars can have two to four times the life of standard mono-alloy blow bars. Its steel hardness rang 44-57HRC, the impact strength is 100-300 J/cm3.

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Feature & Benefits

Superior design - HSI blow bars with 3x-6x wear life for significant cost-savings

Allows for engineers to rotate the bar 3 times

Available in material options to suit your application - high strength alloys, manganese, titanium carbide, ZTA (Zirconia Toughened Alumina) ceramic