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Crusher Backing Compound

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Crusher Backing Compound



BDI 1983 is two components, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive. Pour mixed material into cavities between wear-resistant liners and support structure to achieve no gap filling and bonding; Cured material can strongly support the cone and liner, for high impact and shock resistance. It is convenient and fast to use, with long working period and high efficiency.

Typical Application

Used for China made PY series cone crusher and cone/gyratory crusher (such as Nordberg, Terex), filling the gap between liner and cone; Also can be used for equipment stand leveling. Mainly used for mining and smelting, hydro-plant, road building and building material industries. It also can be used for building, landscape stones, concrete and steel structure bonding and metal railing imbedding etc.

Typical Properties of Uncured Materials A component

Typical Value          Range

Appearance                  White thick fluid

Basic material                Modified epoxy Viscosity(mPa.s)             30000     20000-40000 (Brookfield RV,Spindle 6, 20rpm)


B component

Appearance                     Black liquid

Basic material         Epoxy modified amine adduct Viscosity(mPa.s)       16    15-35

(NDJ-1A,Spindle 1,60rpm)



Mixture Properties

Typical Value       Range

Appearance                French grey thick liquid Weight ratio            A:B=100:6.5

Volumn ratio                     A:B=8.55:1

Pot life(min)                            10                   8-12


Min. curing time before operation at room temperature (h) 100% loading 8

Typical Performance of Cured Material

Typical Value

Specific Gravity (g/cm3) (GB/T13354-1992)         1.7

Hardness (Shore D) (GB/T2411-1980)                  80

Shear Strength (MPa) (GB/T7124-1986)              17

Compressive Strength (MPa) (GB/T1041-1992)   106


Directions for Use

Cleaning and Preparation: Remove the remained filling materials and rust in cone and liner. Assemble cone and liner. Keep the cone and liner at 10-28℃, preheat or cool under

safe conditions. Before operation, store 1983 A and B component at temperature 15-26℃. It’s recommended to use electric blender and high shear disc type mixing propeller

below 800rpm, and complete other pouring preparation. Mixing: Open A component container, stir A component with electric blender up and down for about 1 minute. Shake B component thoroughly and evenly. Add B component in while stirring A component. Stir up and down for 2-3 minutes to achieve uniform color.

Pouring: After mixing evenly, pour immediately. Pour at one place and allow backing material to fill the cavity and push out the air in front of it. Use dam (tin, cardboard or clay, etc.) to direct the flow when necessary, until full. Unmixed resin (different color clinging to the sides and bottom) should not be drained into the crusher. For one package 1983, the time from mixing to pouring should not be over 10 minutes.

Curing: Keep cure temperature of 15-26℃.

Note: The lower temperature, the longer pot life, but higher viscosity (hard to pour). In case low temperature is below 10℃, it is recommended to raise the temperature of epoxy,

liner   and   cone   to   10-25℃ before work.   In case the

environment temperature is higher than 28℃, the pot life is shorter, shorten working time or reduce mixing quantity. Mix the product one by one according to operating speed.



Keep out of reach of children. Operator should wear gloves.

It is recommended to use at well ventilated place.

In case of contact with skin, wipe away, then rinse with clean water immediately; In case of contact with skin, rinse with clean water immediately; if symptom goes on, call a physical attention.

More details, please refer to MSDS of this product.


Item No.: 198308, 10Kg/set

A component: 9.39Kg/drum, B component 0.61Kg/bottle



Stored in a cool and dry location in unopened containers at 8-28℃.

Shelf life is 24 months.


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